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    The INSPIRE Download Service of the dataset entitled "Romanian Stations Dataset and their Main Meteorological Observations", provides Direct WFS access to the dataset and it also allows the download of entire dataset trough a Pre-defined WFS. All meteorological stations within the dataset are the official Romanian meteorological stations and are registered in the World Meteorological Organization Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS). The metadata of the dataset is accessible at The download service was created within the 2019-2020 INSPIRE Project implemented by Essensys Software SRL ( and Wetransform GmbH ( in order to fulfill the legal obligations of the National Meteorological Administration of Romania according to INSPIRE Directive. The scope of the project to create an INSPIRE fully compliant dataset and services was achieved: - Conformance class 4 is ensured for the metadata of this network service. - The WFS is passing the "Conformance Class: Download Service - Pre-defined WFS". - The WFS is passing the "Conformance Class: Download Service - Direct WFS". The following issues were reported for the ETF validator in relation with the WFS (some may be already fixed in production or staging): - (SpatialFilter error for multipoint geometries due to an issue in CITE test) - (SpatialJoin error if the WFS is serving only points and multipoints due to an issue in CITE test) - (Pre-defined WFS - check on optional element wfs:boundedBy) - (Pre-defined WFS - Service metadata validate against schema error) The following error was reported for the Linkage checker validator in relation with the WFS: - (Unable to obtain a Spatial Object error)